The meeting of the first year international students

The first meeting with the first year international students at the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University was held on the 4th of September. This year 87 students from abroad entered the Faculty of Medicine. 76 of them have chosen medicine and 11 have chosen dentistry study programs. The Dean Prof. Algirdas Utkus welcomed new students and was pleased that this year there are so many of them. “We are learning and improving every year. An annual increase in the number of foreign students undoubtedly reflects the satisfaction of studies. However, we will not stop, we will continue to improve our learning programs and study process”, said Prof. Algirdas Utkus.

The Vice-Dean for International Relations and Programs Prof. Vaiva Hendrixson also welcomed the students. “It will not be easy, during these 5 or 6 years you will miss your parents and friends, you will learn hard, will not have time for leisure, sometimes you will be sad or angry, but eventually you will be left with only pleasant impressions and I promise, you will become great physicians and dentists”, said the Vice-Dean.

The officers of Vilnius University Students’ Representation also came to meet new international students. The president of Students’ Representation Giedrė Mikulėnaitė and her team members congratulated new colleagues and presented a wide range of the Representation’s activities. “International students’ branch is the newest one in the whole Vilnius University Students’ Representation. Faculty of Medicine was the first one that established it. The main responsibilities of this field are to embrace communication between Lithuanian and international students. We aim to make international students feel welcomed and like an equal part of Vilnius University by inviting them to various events, involving them in mentoring program and organizing a camp for first year students“, spoke Giedrė Mikulėnaitė.


Please enjoy the moments of the meeting.