International Conference „Evolutionary medicine: Health and Diseases in Changing Environment“

The 4th International Conference Evolutionary medicine: Health and Diseases in Changing Environment

The 5th -8th of June, 2018
Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 4th International Conference Evolutionary medicine: health and diseases in changing environment”. We kindly invite PhD students, other young scientists, medical residents and undergraduate students from different research fields to take part at this international scientific event which will be held on the 5-8th of June, 2018, at the old campus of Vilnius University (address: Universiteto str. 3).

The Conferences on evolutionary medicine have been organized at Vilnius University biannually since the year 2012. Present Conference will bring together participants from different research areas (including medicine, biology, psychology, evolutionary medicine and others) to discuss changes in general health status and diseases in relation to different environments and evolutionary mechanisms of current diseases. Invited Speakers from Austria, Belgium, Check Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Swiss and USA will share their experience and knowledge with young scientists (programme will be announced later).

We invite you to read oral presentations (10 minutes) or provide electronic versions of your presentations instead of paper posters (electronic posters will be displayed during the conference on monitors, also there will be possibility to directly observe electronic presentations at the website). Participants of the conference, who will submit electronic versions of their presentations, will be encouraged to deliver short oral presentations (up to 3 minutes +2 minutes for discussions).

We expect Your Registration Forms and Abstracts till the 10th of April, 2018 by e-mail: egle [dot] jakimaviciene [at] mf [dot] vu [dot] lt.

Registration fee
(Includes: Attendance to all sessions; Conference bag and Materials; Coffee breaks and Lunches; Welcome party).

The Organizing Committee is going to cover Registration fee for all the participants from Vilnius University. Registered participants not from Vilnius University within a few days will receive a confirmation together with the information about payment transfer procedure.

For all participants not from Vilnius University —  80 EUR.

Social programme fee
(Includes: Tour to Trakai and Farewell party)

For all participants not from Vilnius University —  50 EUR.

On behalf of Organizing Committee,

Yours truly and sincerely

Prof. Algirdas Utkus

Dean, Faculty of Medicine,
Vilnius University

Prof. Janina Tutkuvienė

Vice-Dean for Research and PhD studies,
Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

Fourth International Conference “Evolutionary Medicine: 
Health and Diseases in Changing Environment“

(the 5th–8th June, 2018; Vilnius, Lithuania)


Official language
Official language of the Conference will be English.

Oral presentations only
The invited speakers are kindly asked to give the 30-40 min. lecture. Time for regular presentation is limited to 10 min. (plus few minutes for discussion). Multimedia computer projection will be available for demonstration of presentations, but if you need the other equipment – inform us, please. 

Registration Form
The registration form should be send till the 10th of April, 2018.

(please send your abstract till the 10th of April, 2018)

The Abstracts of presentations will be published in the journal ,,Acta Medica Lituanica’’, an official journal of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and Vilnius University (indexed in
PubMed, Index Copernicus, Index Academicus, EBSCO). Authors should submit their abstracts as one Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file. Type the whole abstract single-spaced. Use 12 point Verdana font. Please write your abstract in British English according to the following pattern: 

  • Title. The title should be written in CAPITAL letters.
  • Listing of the Authors. Type the first name in front following by surname of the author. Bold and underline the name of author presenter. Authors’ listing must be submitted exactly as you wish for publication. Last author should be provided with conjunctive word “and”. Avoid abbreviations of academic or professional titles.
  • Affiliation should consist of the name of a Department(s) and Institution(s), City and Country to which the author(s) belong and to which the submitted abstract should be attributed. List all affiliations (each in a separate line) in the order corresponding to the list of the authors. Affiliations must be written in English.
  • Contact e-mail address should be provided.
  • Body of the abstract. The body of the Research-Based Abstract should contain paragraphs with the following headings (in bold): Background and aim, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions, 3-5 keywords (in alphabetic order). There are no special requirements for the structure of Descriptive Abstracts.  The body of the abstract is limited to 2000 characters including spaces (maximum 300 words). Do not include citations, tables or illustrations, or use undefined abbreviations.