Medical final exam

Date of the exam: June 12, 2018, 9:00

Place of examination: at the Centre of Information Technology Development at Vilnius University in in Saulėtekis Student Campus. (Saulėtekio str. 9), the II nd Interconnection Corps (Information Technology Application Center), 1st floor, computer hall 108.

Structure of the final exam:

  • the number of questions for each student is 200;
  • each student receives different questions, selected automatically by random sampling;
  • exam time - 4 hours (for solving tasks - 3 hours);
  • 5 answers are provided for each question;
  • each question can have one (circled), two, three, four or five correct answers (there are no questions with no correct answers).


  • point is given if all correct answers are indicated: one either two, three, four or five;
  • unanswered question (for example, if there are 4 correct answers, but 3 answers are indicated, the points to the question are not given, etc.).
  • the final exam and the results are approved by the Final Examination Commission formed by the Rector's order.
  • open access to the exam questions database is provided in the Virtual Learning Environment (VMA) in the course Medicine - from 4 April 2018, a mock exam test with assessment will be available 10 days before the exam.