Students' Union

Vilniaus universiteto Medicinos fakulteto studentai švenčia Rugsėjo 1-ąją

Vilnius University Students' Representative office at Faculty of Medicine (Lith. acronym. VU SA MF) is a subdivision of VU SA which represents the interests of VU medical students at faculty, university and even national level. It is we, the students, who are responsible for our studies, it is we who shape the society and the society mirrors us. So if you have ideas how to improve study process or environment both in faculty and university, if you are seeking for personal growth, if you are or want to become responsible - join VU SA MF!

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Mentors for international students


Ernestas Skapas +37068399177 ; eskapas [at] gmail [dot] com ;

Shadan Gan +491778614734; shadan [dot] ganjali [at] gmail [dot] com ;

Hermann Joe Hofmeister +491717446806; joehofmeister [at] hotmail [dot] com;

Merlin Miecke +4915730350803; merlinmiecke [at] hotmail [dot] de;

Leonhard Pöhlmann +4917670748554; poehlmannl [at] t-online [dot] de;

Maria Bennett +37062142098; mariabennett1998 [at] gmail [dot] com;

Rugilė Bražinskaitė +37062278003; rugile [dot] brazinskaite [at] gmail [dot] com;

Lisa Schü +4915119164506; lisaschueren [at] web [dot] de;


Benny Pleß +4917684552016; benjaminpless [at] gmx [dot] de;