tarptautine studentu diena Prof. Dalius Jatužis. Photo: VU MF

Dear students,

I’m delighted to congratulate you on International Students’ Day!

At the beginning of November, I became the dean of the Faculty of Medicine. I’m still getting used to my new role, but students are, without a doubt, my priority. I will make every effort to effect change, set goals and overcome challenges as required.

I will need your—undergraduates, graduates, PhD students and residents’—help. Working together is the only way to ensure continuity, to foster the fine traditions of our Alma mater, while, at the same time, becoming more open to innovations, progressive ideas and suggestions. This will also allow us to work towards ambitious goals and celebrate achievements meaningful to us all, and, as the motto of Vilnius University says, to rise to the stars together.

As well as pursuing your studies, I would actively encourage you to take part in non-academic activities which will strengthen your community spirit, improve your critical thinking, help you to actively participate in the building of society and the State, contribute to your education and other kinds of personal growth, and create lasting memories of your student days, which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

I’m certain that the knowledge acquired during your studies will build a strong foundation for your future and the future of Lithuania.

I wish you all courage, determination and creativity as you climb to the highest summits in your studies. Happy International Students’ Day!

Prof. Dalius Jatužis

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

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