Medicine Faculty regulations

  1. Description of Procedure of Distance Learning at Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University
  2. Decision on the Approval of the Additional Provisions for the Organization of Studies at the Faculty of Medicine
  3. Description of Procedure of Repeating a Course at the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University
  4. Description of Procedure of Study Results Recognition at the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University
  5. Fees of Services Provided by Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University Regarding the Issuieng of Certificates on Studies 
  6. Procedure of Tuition Fee Reduction at Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University
  7. Regulations of Dispute Settlement Commission of Academic Division of Vilnius University  


Vilnius University resolutions

1. Procedure of Admitting Foreign Nationals to Degree Study Programmes

2. Study Agreement

3. Description of the Procedure of Payment, Reimbursement, and Recovery of Tuition Fees at Vilnius University

4. Study Regulations of Vilnius University

5. Graduation Clearance Procedure at Vilnius University

6. Description of Procedure for the Implementation of General University Studies at Vilnius University

7. The Concept of General University Studies of Vilnius University

8. Regulations of the Central Academic Ethics Commission of Vilnius University

9. Criteria for the Issuance of CUM LAUDE and MAGNA CUM LAUDE Diplomas

10. Code of Academic Ethics of Vilnius University

11. Regulations of the Academic Ethics Commission of Core Academic Units of Vilnius University

12. Temporary Description of the Procedure for the Rotation and Ranking of Vilnius University Students Based on their Learning Outcomes

13. Description of the Procedure for the Administration of Research Papers in Vilnius University Study Information System

14. Regulations for the Preparation, Defence and Storage of Research Papers of Students Studying at Vilnius University

15. Regulations of the Study Programme Committee of Vilnius University

16. Rules for Sending Vilnius University Students for a Partial Study Period at Foreign Science and Study Institutions

17. Description of the Procedure for Renewing Studies at Vilnius University

18. Description of the Procedure for Admission of Persons who were Students of Another Higher Education Institution in Lithuania or Abroad and Wish to Continue their Studies at Vilnius University

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