In January, 1991, after Lithuania experienced Soviet military aggression, thousands of Lithuanians bravely defended the restored independence of Lithuania.

Unarmed people, full of spiritual strength and irresistible determination, stood up against the the Soviet aggressor’s tanks and vending machines. 14 Lithuanian freedom defenders were killed and hundreds were injured. It was the most important to mobilize people in the face of this danger in those days. The Independence Square became a symbol of unity, where people from all over Lithuania were on duty by the campfire for many days and nights. Every year, January 13th reminds us of the victory – the freedom of Lithuania and its heroes, the defenders of Freedom –and strengthens our faith in the future of Lithuania.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the events of Defenders of Freedom Day in 2022 will take place mainly in open spaces throughout Lithuania, in compliance with all security measures.

If you have a change, light up a small candle in the window of your office on the morning January 13. It symbolizes respect for the defenders of freedom. Also, you may pin this day’s symbol – forget-me-not.

You may use the picture below to print and cut them out:

 Neuzmirstuole spalvota 2

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